Camilla Trezza is a ’95 fashion designer based in Italy, SA.

The education has a great influence in her life: the high school convey her the admiration for strong women through ancient myths, the IUAD Accademia gives her a creative method of expression.
The stronger suggestion comes from the birthplace, where the Amalfitan Coast, the sea and the genuine people are a constant source of ispiration.

After graduation she flights to Milan for a Marangoni Master, working in some fashion shows backstages like Love Moschino and Besfxxk, and collaborating as a content creator with Ecommerce and Magazines.
After several months in London, she attends the Advanced design for architetture and crafts course at Medaarch aim to experiment innovative and sustainable processes and technologies; infact she currently work in Albini Group as a creative consultant of innovative materials.

PSCT Digital Lab in a digital couture: it reflects the passion for experimentation, the urgency to get out of comfort zone, the desire to get involved in something great.
The vision grows with the idea of “constantly changing” mood, working in a flows, embracing step by step intuitions.

PS means Post scriptum, saying that rapresents an added value at the end of the page, but not at the end.

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